Pull up a chair…

After years of pondering my official author’s site while simultaneously helping other people develop their own sites (Cobbler’s children. Barefoot.), I finally sat down and figured out what I might tolerate on my own site. Figuring this out was no easy feat.

I owe a big debt of gratitude to the following people who talked me down from a ledge or gave me ideas, either overtly or covertly (i.e., through their own excellent sites) as I undertook this process. Writers, contrary to popular perception, live and work within a vibrant community that shares, commiserates, and inspires.

Christine @ Nonprophet Studio

Madame Tenaya, the Cheese Courtesan @ Madame Fromage

Jesse Lee Kercheval

Michelle Wildgen

Amy Monticello (who I have never met, but who has a lovely author’s site and who writes like a warrior)


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